World Hunger Week 2016

World Hunger Week has come and gone, but the issues of food insecurity affect our community everyday.

This past week made us reflect on hunger on an international, national, and local scale. 

It reminded us that one out of every two children in Pennsylvania are eligible for food assistance.

It reminded us that one in five seniors can’t afford enough food to live a healthy, active, lifestyle.

It reminded us of how unjust our food system is, when soda and junk food is more accessible than fresh fruits and veggies. 

It reminded us of the effects that poor nutrition has on our physical and mental health.

It reminded us that every single one of us has the power to make a difference.

It inspires us to fight for change.


Missed out on some of our World Hunger Week events?
Scroll down to see what we’ve been up to.

We hosted two interactive educational hunger banquets. One in Adams County catered by the SCCAP Cafe, and one in Franklin County catered by Kathy’s Deli.
Some individuals were served chips and soda, some received pasta with tomato sauce, while others indulged in a beautiful healthy meal, demonstrating income disparity and food insecurity in our community.
SCCAP Executive Director Megan Shreve challenged us all to accept the Hunger Challenge. Could you live on less than $4/day?
This free documentary film screening at the Majestic theater gave us a glimpse into the daily experience of food insecurity.
Local and state representatives joined us to celebrate the opening of our new food pantry and gleaning market at SCCAP
The Gleaning Project showed off some of our accomplishements at the Adams County gleaning market opening.
30 FFA students helped rescue 5,000 pounds of apples that would have been lost at Adams County Nursery.
Four Future Farmers of America from Northern York County helped glean beautiful apples with their teacher Carol Richwine.
What a beautiful variety of apples we were able to glean from Adams County Nursery! These will make delicious snacks, sauces, breads, cakes, and pies!
We canned 7 quarts and 21 pints of fresh applesauce to distribute to folks in need.
We taught neighbors young and old how to preserve fresh fruit for the winter months.
47 students from Gettysburg College helped us glean apples from Peter’s Orchard.
Gettysburg College students helped “polish” and bag apples for families in need.
Dr. Roni Neff taught us about the US Food System at Gettysburg College Thursday evening.

Interested in getting involved with The Gleaning Project’s efforts to reduce food loss and feed families?
Check out the “How Can I Help” tab on our website.
Help us get free, fresh, local, fruits and veggies onto the plates of folks in need in our community this holiday season.
Volunteer your time. Make a small monetary donation. Donate an item off of our “most wanted” list.
Be the change you want to see in our community.


How long will gleaning last?

Well, this 2016 season of gleaning… we hope will last ’til Thanksgiving.

The weather’s gonna decide for us though.

That wind knocking on my window right now has a mind of its own. There’s a hard frost headed our way this coming Wednesday.  And does anyone remember that time it snowed around Halloween a couple years back?

All to say, we get what we get.  We, you, The Gleaning Project, will make the most and best of whatever we’re presented with in these next, few, short weeks.

We’ll be pushing hard, trying to save as much good food for our neighbors in need, to reduce hunger and improve nutrition in South Central PA, while we still have the chance this 2016 season.

Lots of opportunities to help this week.
– Details about this week’s Adams County events here…
– Details about this week’s Franklin County events here…

And you can always
– find us on Facebook…
– and here on Instagram.

Save the veggies.

Pictured above, a local cucumber field getting mowed down last week in preparation for planting fall crops.  Every bit of yellow in that picture is – was – a perfectly good cucumber…  Now it’s all food loss.

That farmer is not happy about mowing down the delicious, nutritious fruit of so much labor.  If they had a better option they would take it…

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Gleaning Season is Definitely Here.


Some recent photos to share.  We’re always (still!) amazed at just how much food – really good food – is out here on local farms and orchards that would otherwise go to waste if The Gleaning Project wasn’t there to connect our local growers to those in our community in need who can put these fresh fruits and vegetables to the best use possible.

More updates on our Facebook

and pretty pictures on our Instagram.

Hope to see you in a farm field soon : )

2016 Tax Deduction Updates

Great News!

The PATH ACT (“Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes”) just passed in December, 2015 is federal legislation designed to make donating excess produce to a nonprofit like South Central Community Action Programs – under which The Gleaning Project is housed – easier and more financially rewarding for small and mid-sized growers.

Hoo. Ray : D

Tax law prior to 2016 was not particularly helpful to small and mid-sized farm businesses that wanted to donated produce…

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